Mining Operation Fights MSHA’s Shut-Down Order with Jackson Kelly’s Help To Get Back To Business

  • CLIENT: Sierra Rock Products
  • CHALLENGE:  Sierra Rock was issued a citation from the Federal Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) and shut-down order for a conveyor belt which worked, but was not pleasant-looking. As a result, the mine could not operate.
  • SOLUTION: Jackson Kelly attorney Kristin White helped Sierra Rock fight the shut-down order by requesting a functionality test to see if the conveyor was in proper working order.
  • RESULTS: The conveyor belt passed multiple functionality tests. Although the conveyor’s cosmetic appearance was not as pleasing as a new conveyor, or as MSHA had wanted, operations resumed after MSHA had no choice but to accept the engineer’s conclusions.

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Small Business Fights Big Government and Wins Protest against the U.S. Army with Jackson Kelly’s Help

  • CLIENT: Azimuth, Inc.
  • CHALLENGE: When it learned it had been passed over for a sizable U.S. Army contract, Azimuth was certain the bid selection process had been tainted by improper behavior within the U.S. Army but it knew its suspicions would be hard to prove.
  • SOLUTION: Jackson Kelly attorney Eric Whytsell helped Azimuth report the suspected Procurement Integrity Act violations and protest the U.S. Army’s contract award decision before the Government Accountability Office (GAO).
  • RESULTS: The U.S. Army took “corrective action”, cancelling the award, replacing the contract selection panel, and clearing the way for a new procurement and evaluation process.

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Keep on Plugging: Jackson Kelly Helps Mile Hi Services Avoid Inappropriate Government Fines

  • CLIENT: Mile Hi Services, a company with the largest client base in Colorado, excluding utility companies that serve the state’s entire population
  • CHALLENGE: Inappropriate enforcement of the No-Call Law, which threatened to ruin Mile Hi Services’ entire business.
  • SOLUTION: Building upon an existing relationship with the Attorney General’s office, attorney John Zakhem helped Mile Hi Services Owner Florian McCann to avoid potentially business-breaking fines and penalties.
  • RESULTS: The Attorney General’s office agreed that Mile Hi Services was conducting business legally and also came away with a favorable impression of the company overall.

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